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Daniel Omara: It Seems Like Besigye Is No Longer Getting The Reception He Used To

During the Hear Me Out show, Daniel Omara wondered whether he was merely skeptical or Dr. Kizza Besigye's popularity had indeed faded, even though the politician was attempting to protest against the soaring prices of food and essential commodities.

Yesterday, Dr. Besigye spent 8 hours blocked by the police from heading to Kampala as he made his way along Gayaza -Kampala highway in Kasangati, while trying to rally fellow Ugandans to protest against the increased prices of commodities.

This was the second time this week the former presidential candidate tried to round up people against the same cause although the first time, he was held by police and put under house arrest. Many people have reminisced about it with the walk to work protests in 2011 that also led to his violent arrest.

This prompted Daniel to question that, “Is it me or does it just feel like this time Besigye is not getting the reception he would normally receive? I don't want to be a hater but it's kinda visible, a lot of people are looking at him like, ‘this guys again! We've seen this before, your finger was broken’... Yet the scary part is Besigye fighting for a good cause, commodity prices are high. People have been ditching their cars and walking,” Daniel said.

He further explained that, “there is a case of Besigye Fatigue. People are tired of the repetitiveness. Am not saying that he doesn't have a good cause or good message, I just think we should give him a little more attention. I'm just trying to explain why people are not concerned this time.”

He attributed the public lack of concern to Dr. Besigye’s new pressure group dubbed ‘The People’s Front for Transition (PFT)’ which he thought wasn't well branded like The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), in addition to the politician’s monotonous scuffles with police and his pursuit of Presidency for 16 years.

“I think the monotony is drawing us away from the cause. Yes, the guy has had a fairly monotonous career. I mean 4 time presidential aspirant eeh! He didn't know when to give up. Because it's like 16 years of your life trying to get the seat,” he said.

“I respect ambition. But at what point do we say, this isn’t working out, what are you waiting for? If that’s what I'm thinking, I'm sure someone else has to be thinking the exact same thing. But in the process we are forgetting that dude is actually fighting for us,” Daniel added.

The prices of commodities such as fuel, soap, gas, tomatoes, cooking oil among other food items have increased dramatically over the last couple of months. President Museveni is therefore expected to address the nation over the rising commodity prices on Sunday 22, May 2022.

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