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Daniel Omara: If I Was The Headteacher Of Lubiri High School, I’d Punish Those Students

The Hear Me Out Show presenter Daniel Omara has said that the students of Lubiri High School filmed in the Midland High School bus dancing need to be punished if the school is to curtail similar acts from recurring.

According to him, this would discipline the disorderly students and serve as a warning to the rest.

“I would still punish these kids, as a school, through suspension to set a standard for behavior within and outside the school premises,” said Daniel during the Saturday morning show on RX Radio.

However, his guest host Don Wasake deemed suspension redundant because it gives students time and access to the material that influenced their actions in advance.

Daniel agreed and said, “okay fine. If suspending them won't work, the second option would be detention. We take away their free time, break, and lunchtime. They get food and come back to detention. It can take place in the science laboratory or the art room, and we ensure that during that time, they receive sex education.”

Don Wasake said headteachers could apply inverse psychology to reform students.

He added that as Lubiri High School named the actions "a mere dance part of the school's co-curricular activities," the school administration could task the students to win the MDD competitions but condition expulsion if they fail.

Don Wasake also explained that the students need counseling rather than heavy punishments such as hard labour that hardly change their conduct.

“Talk to the students, like; ‘a bus is not the right place to do this, you’ll do this in the club maybe five years from now. You're in senior 2, wait, and in the meantime, let us see some of those dance moves.’

He said the dances do not have to be sexual. “It could be some ballerina moves, Tango, and the like. This is reverse psychology 101 and a diversion in therapy. It advocates their minds and makes them see the bad turned into good. After all, dancing can't be taken away from them.”

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10 am to Midday on RX Radio.

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