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Daniel Omara: I Want To Start A Family This Year

While talking about new year’s resolutions, Daniel Omara has revealed that he is looking forward to having children this year.

The Presenter, hosting his show ‘Hear Me Out’ on Saturday morning, recognized that even though a bachelor’s life is exciting, he is willing to settle.

“For this year, I am done with protection and I would like to have babies. I've been having baby fever whenever I look at my nieces and nephews, so I figured this is the right year for me to settle. So the idea is in progress, it's the incubator that's missing,” he said.

However, Daniel mentioned that in 2022, he will be revising two things; firstly, giving out transport money and taking women’s phone numbers. “From now on, instead I will be requiring ladies coming to see me to use their money and I will provide a refund after they arrive. Secondly, I will no longer be asking women for their numbers when I am out hanging.”

Vini, a bubbly yet opinionated guest that joined Daniel on the show, then narrated how on several instances she sees social media statues of people she can't recognise in her phone contact list, and sometimes, she even receives mysterious calls.

“There's one time I got missed calls and on thinking it's about work, I called back the person. What I got on the other side was, ‘Is this Vini?’ and when I ask the caller who he is, he replies ‘Even if I tell you, you won't know, so let’s just call me a crush!’ When I asked him how he got my number, he responded, ‘It's very simple to get numbers.’

Daniel, in shock, added that he is done with taking women’s numbers from hangouts and giving out his, except when it's for business. “This is connected to the withdrawal of using protection, because I'm thinking of settling down and having a tighter criteria to choose from,” he reassured.

“Well, I am about to start charging for my company and ‘vibes’ when I go out to hang out for drinks,” Vini joked. However, she mentioned that one of the behaviors people need to drop this year is hanging out while counting on other people for drinks, especially ladies.

“I actually realized that a lot of men find it more attractive when they find a woman already sorted with drinks. I'd like to encourage women that we should go out and do things for ourselves rather than expecting the drinks to be bought by someone else.”

Daniel also thought it a good idea if women started to offer to buy men drinks, saying he would get “blown away” by the move.

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10am to Midday on RX Radio.

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