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Daniel Omara: I’m Glad That More Women Are Now Approaching Men

In contrast to previous times, Daniel Omara, the host of the Hear Me Out show, said he is happy that more women are shooting their shots directly at men.

“Women are hitting on men more nowadays, and I am all for it. Ladies well done! You have stepped up! I am sure you will miss the days of being pursued, but this is an improvement, and I am glad," said Daniel on Saturday morning.

However, he was concerned about how weak the women’s wooing game is. “Women hitting on men is good, but most ladies are horrible at it. Not to be mean or savage, but truthfully, as a guy, I would say we are more tolerant when women are hitting on us,” Daniel explained.

While he believes that women can use pick-up lines, such as compliments and greetings, he feels that many lose the game once they start asking about the guy's relationship status.

“Conversations I have heard with many women and the guys I have spoken to are okay until she asks about your love life. You might say; ‘I am single.’ And her next line will be; ‘Aaah, I know you men are liars.’ That is where most men walk away in their heads. They will stick around to see if they can smash but they have left the chat emotionally.”

He advised women to avoid trash-talking their exes and making men defend themselves since this is a big turn-off for them.

“Ladies, you need to learn how to sustain a conversation without going into victim mode. I have spoken to several guys, and we are just sick of it. The problem is most of you don’t know how to go on after starting the conversation,” he complained.

Daniel tipped women intending to approach men on how to succeed without irritating them.

“First, avoid putting a man on the defensive. Many of you think men are inherently evil until they prove themselves innocent and vice versa, yet it is not the case. If I have to prove my innocence, it shows that you made many bad choices in the past, yet was not one of them,” he said.

Secondly, he told women to stop conversing about their failed relationships and how they were ill-treated by men met before.

“Ladies, if you are going to vibe men, learn to keep yourself intact. Learn how to keep yourself together and hold a normal conversation. I can guarantee that you stand a better chance of getting a guy from just being a good conversationalist.” Daniel disclosed.

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10 am to Midday on RX Radio.

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