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Daniel Omara: I’m An Advocate For Contraceptives Rather Than Abortion

Following a leaked document from the US Supreme court, a number of states might reverse the 1973 decision that legalised abortion as part of the rights of women, people of colour and LGBTQ+ to carry out legal abortions.

If the Roe v Wade case that led to the legalisation of abortion is overturned, a number of states will have authority to ban abortion if they want. This sent mass uproars as people took to the streets protesting the decision that they saw as an infringement on their bodily rights.

Today on The Fatboy Show while discussing the topic of abortion Daniel Omara said, he has always been baffled by why abortion was being fronted instead of the safe sex message. In other words, a cure is being pushed for more than prevention.

“Your body, maybe you're choice, I get it. But there's a second party involved. One of the arguments I've failed to understand is people saying ‘well you don't know what that child will become, they may die at birth or may not even exist in the future so why not just abort? This is the presumption that it will end in tears therefore you rather not just exist.”

“It's just a very fatalistic and pessimistic view because if you end something on the basis that it will not work out. The second party for me is where it becomes a problem, that's why I’ll always advocate for contraceptives before abortion. And in cases of rape and stuff, that represents a minority of the situation. And of course I wouldn't want anyone keeping memories like those,” said Daniel.

His co host James Onen on the other hand said he viewed abortion as a tragic action that even in instances where it’s justified, it is something that sends a shriek in him. Upon this, he asked Daniel why even in the cases of rape a baby without anything to do with the circumstances of its formation would be aborted.

“What if you end up aborting a baby who grows up to find the cure to AIDS or cancer? You never know. The kid you are aborting because you think you are suffering trauma as a result of rape, well that baby may become the next Nelson Mandela or Barrack Obama,” said Fatboy.

Daniel responded that, “I understand, it could be Desmond Tutu, Picasso, Luciano Pavarotti, it could end up becoming Shaka Zulu for all we know but I can go against abortion on the premise that someone made a reckless decision on their own accord and got pregnant but if someone forced it into you, you had no say in the matter.

In Fatboy’s opinion, the presentation of abortion in the US as part of women empowerment with a justification slang of “my body my Choice” is bewildering.

He further wondered what pro- abortion activists response would be in cases where a mother has a number of children in her womb and whether they would find it justifiable to abort some and leave the others and their explanation of whether it is something they would as well advocate for.

Article 22 of the constitution, criminalizes abortion except when authorized by law in circumstances when the mother’s life is in danger or when it puts her physical or mental health in peril. However numerous unsafe abortions are still carried out behind the curtains causing severe repercussions to some such as excessive bleeding and sometimes death.

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