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Daniel Omara: I Don’t Do The Friends With Benefits Thing.

According to RX Radio presenter Daniel Omara, he is not into friends with benefits relationships because some people end up catching feelings for him.

He made the confession in a comment to a study conducted by Carolyn Birnie Porter and Mitchell Hunt from St. Mary’s University of Halifax and Nova Scotia researchers respectively, which established that friends with benefits relationships are as equally satisfying as marital relationships.

According to the study, 475 people within heterosexual relationships of friends with benefits, marrieds, those engaged, casually dating and exclusively dating, there was a similar rating of 4 regarding sexual satisfaction on a scale of 1-5 among friends with benefits partners and marrieds.

Fatboy inquired from Daniel what he would think of friends with benefits relationships since they are both satisfying, but Daniel responded by saying he had quitted them.

“The reason as to why I say I don’t do the friends with benefits thing is because on so many occasions, people start wanting to advance it to something else.”Daniel said.

He went on to say that some people cannot manage to do the friends with benefits relationships especially women whose sexual relations come in handy with emotions.

“The normal wiring for women is sex within an emotional context. There’s also the financial context where foreplay begins at an expensive restaurant. But there are people who can’t genuinely enjoy sex without the emotional attachment and will drag themselves into it because they’ve heard that it’s cool,” he said.

Being a bachelor, Fatboy narrated that many people could never understand the savor of intimacy until they are married. However, he felt that the sexual enjoyment should be a personal responsibility not only in friends with benefits situations but also in marriages.

“Most guys feel like they have a responsibility of making their partner sexually content but I take the view that as a guy you have to simply focus on yourself and letting her to focus on herself. So if I were in a romantic situation, I am there to take care of myself and my needs and if you happen to want more, well, how is that my problem?” Fatboy wondered.

Daniel added that catering to one's sexual satisfaction is workable if they both know the needs of each other and focus on them to collectively create satisfaction for themselves.

Fatboy added that attending to the needs of a woman is somewhat unsustainable saying that one of the reasons that stopped him from dating women in their 30’s is because of their sexual appetitie that would not let him rest afterwards.

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