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Daniel Omara: I’d Choose Cocaine Over Love.

Several research studies have concluded that falling in love gives a person the same high as cocaine.

According to the New York based Psychology Today, research by Dr. Hellen Fisher indicated that euphoric feelings experienced by a person who has fallen in love such as a brighter mood, increased sexual urge and boosted self confidence, being more conversational, higher levels of consciousness are similar to what someone who takes cocaine experiences.

The Fatboy Show presenter Daniel Omara while discussing the topic said that he would prefer taking cocaine than falling in love.“Am not encouraging drug use but I'd rather take cocaine because falling in love is a trick, it's complicated,” he said.

Olive Najjuma, the Show co-host opined that choosing cocaine over love would be a cowardly move wondering why someone would choose something with devastating consequences as cocaine.

But Daniel responded that having fallen in love before, he would choose cocaine knowing its effects other than falling in love and being uncertain about what may come of it.

On the contrary, Olive said she would rather choose love although it keeps running away from her much as she tries.

Daniel said that he would avoid love because it is just like alcohol, it makes one drunk and later regret the decisions they took once they become sober.

Olive said, “but I think we all need that high at a given point in our lives. Of course when you're young, it makes everything beautiful, you're happy but you know, I think heartbreaks are a recipe for being stronger,”

“If you go through life when you don't know what it means to be heartbroken, you're going to see people as pure. But when you fall in love and get disappointed, you are learning to be strong. It doesn’t mean you're not supposed to love again. The next time you'll approach things with caution, you learn things like red flags, green flags, when to pull the plug, when to move on and it all comes from the high you get from love and when it's done, you do a self audit and know when to proceed or to abort the mission,” she added.

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