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Daniel Omara: How Is It That Martha Kay's Found Car Coincided With An Event Of The Tracking Company

A number of Ugandans were left puzzled by the circumstances under which comedienne and Next radio presenter Martha kay lost and recovered her Range Rover car last week.

After two weeks of showing off her new Range Rover on social media last week, Martha revealed how she had lost her car to thieves crying out on social media, arousing public attention and sympathy.

After two days, on September 12, she happily announced how she had regained her car with the help of a trucking company and the tracker it had installed in her car.

This grew public cynicism, with many calling it a stunt to market the trucking company's services given that the car was recovered at an event staged by the company, and the fact that it was reacquainted with a personalized number plate after being 'stolen' with a public one.

Speaking about the events, Daniel Omara, like many Ugandans, said he had believed the news of the stolen car given that Uganda is reported to be one of the destinations for stolen luxury cars from Europe. However, the mechanisms Martha used to regain her car confused him.

"It wasn't beyond belief that the Range Rover associated with Martha kay could be stolen. It is just weird how the police were the last to know and that it was recovered on display at an event," he said.

Apparently, Martha kay announced her missing car on Twitter first and Police reportedly summoned her because she had not registered a case of theft with it.

"Not to accuse her, but how come the theft of her car coincided with an event of the trucking company that found it?" Daniel wondered.

He suspected a conspiracy, "There's a bit of a weird thing and everyone is calling it a disruptive marketing technique. But if it is I think it was a bit pathetic."

To him, if this was a publicity technique for the company, it was irrational because first, it labels it as deceitful and unworthy of having its services trusted.

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