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Daniel Omara: Childhood Christmas Felt More Exciting Than It Is As An Adult

As adults, many people wonder why Christmas day no longer creates the same excitement and jovial mood they got to experience as children. On the Hear Me Out Show yesterday, RX Radio Presenter Daniel Omara shared some of his thoughts to answer this question.

According to Daniel, children, unlike adults, had only one responsibility, which was to decorate the house and receive Christmas gifts, specifically new clothes for church.

Those who grew up in the 1980’s and 90’s decorated Christmas trees with coloured toilet rolls, cotton wool, lights and Christmas cards.

However, unlike childhood days, Daniel said adults now have the responsibility to buy the Christmas trees and organize little fun activities to make the holidays interesting.

“It's the memories we had. I know growing up kinda sucks sometimes and we all miss the old Christmas days but as adults now, to re-experience it is through making it exciting for the kids in your life,” he said.

He went ahead to say that some Christmas traditions are now irrelevant and are no longer fun because probably the person is transitioning to adulthood.

“What would baffle me is the lengths people would go to to get Christmas trees. As kids, we’d raid Cedar-fenced homes for Christmas trees and so many children would get caught because you’d have to run with a branch of a tree, chased by a security guard. And there was always that one friend who seemed to be running with two left feet who get caught,” he narrated.

Daniel recounted how once the tree was put in a pot, it would be watered almost at once and would be forgotten about that it would lose its scent and eventually would be burnt on New Year’s Day, a practice he strongly discouraged.

Meanwhile Lesham, his guest on the show, mentioned that the other Christmas tradition that has served no purpose is the naughty Christmas elf. She explained this as parents spoiling house property and dirteninng the home later blaming it on an imaginary naughty elf.

“Someone would teepee their own house, throw eggs at it, and then go to sleep. The next day when the children asked, the parents would claim it was the naughty elf. Some people would go as far as destroying their own television sets!” she said.

She rebuked the practice saying that it's absurd and would make children think less of their parents for lying to them as children, as well as the burden that elder siblings would carry to keep it secret from the younger ones.

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10am to Midday on RX Radio.

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