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Daniel Omara And Olive: A Home Should Have Defined Symbols Of Authority

In most homes, there are particular things reserved for the parents such as cups, plates, and chairs, that no one else uses except with their permission.

In the African setting, this was a common practice in traditional homes. A father was the first symbol of authority and had distinct utensils and items used only by him.

Godfrey Kuteesa, a boy child activist re-echoed the same on his social media when he emphasized that such is necessary because it creates respect for the parents.

“A Symbol of Authority is needed in any traditional home. A Father must have his own cup, plate, chair. These are items not to be shared by anyone in the home. This is what used to enforces authority in our traditional families. It prevents "kamanyiiro" he tweeted.

Today on the Fatboy Show, presenters Daniel Omara and Olive Najjuma conformed to Kuteesa’s assertions.

Daniel admitted that growing up in a home with similar attributes, parents just like visitors and children must have their stuff separated from everybody else’s to create boundaries.

“If we have utensils for visitors, why can't I have mine, and also why can't my wife have hers? So each of us has our symbol of authority within the family that no one else touches,” he said.

Moreso, Olive Najjuma, confessed that it is disturbing to share her items with other people mostly without her consent even if it's her children or relatives.

“I don't like sharing my things naturally. If you request to borrow something, I will give it to you. But if I go home and find that my big sister just went to my closet and picked something I didn't give them, I will feel offended because it's my stuff,” Olive said.

She, therefore, agreed that separating items in the home is essential.

“I will agree with Godfrey because to create lines of respect, and to draw the line of boundaries, children need to know that if this is for mummy, it's for her alone. Even among themselves, they should have their own set of clothes, shoes, and food containers although I buy my children the same things to avoid conflict,” she stated.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, and Sarah every weekday from 6 am to 10 am on RX Radio.

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