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Daniel Omara And Faisal Pyepar: 600K Salary Is Okay For Someone At Their First Job

During the midweek, someone “anonymous” sparked a conversation on Twitter after unfolding that they wanted to quit their job because it pays 600,000 shillings (160 dollars) salary.

The controversial topic surrounded the conversation on this Saturday’s Hear Me Out Show with Daniel Omara the host, and guest host Pyepar Faisal who collectively argued that the amount is fair enough for one’s first job.

Pyepar Faisal, an influencer and Digital Marketeer suspected that the employee was female because most men would rather earn little on their first jobs as long as it gives them a sense of independence.

For instance, at his first job, he narrated that he was selling T-shirts to his 20k social media followers, and because of his consistency, his boss promoted him and taught him more about digital marketing.

Similarly, Daniel revealed that he earned 150,000 shillings for his first gig in comedy explaining that even though it was made in lesser than an hour, the same amount catered to outfits, and transport among other things. Yet at another hangout, the amount per show was 5,000 shillings which was also the price of wine at the time.

Faisal said that although 600,000 shillings is not a big sum, starters need knowledge regarding how to handle their finances properly.

“In today’s Uganda, 600,000 shillings is very little money. And it so happens that when leaving campus, most people get no career guidance, you find that someone wants to live a luxurious or extravagant life of more than what they earn,” he said.

Daniel added, “I think there’s a difference between someone who has been working for a while and one who has been taken care of for most of their life. Because when I listen to this story, I get a feeling that this is unlikely to be a man. And you may have come from a rich family, fine, but 600,000 shillings is fairly okay for a start.”

Faizal then advised the youth to make career advances if they don’t feel satisfied with their pay because doing that creates more opportunities for them.

“I keep telling young people that you work to where you want to be. If you feel that the 600K is not enough, do better, and learn new skills. I started with digital marketing, went into videography, then photography, graphic design, and now am doing the yearbook. Now my money has doubled because I acquired better skills. But you're going to find someone calling 600K little when all they do at work is file papers,” Pyepar said.

He continued that learning new skills doesn't only relate to starters but to everyone else because an employee can be terminated at any one time.

Finally, he relayed that if the job’s working environment is toxic, it is understandable for a person to quit, even if they are being paid millions because, in the end, it affects their emotional and physical being which will affect their productivity even in a new working environment.

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10am to Midday on RX Radio.

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