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Daniel Omara And Donald Wasike: Does Muhoozi Have Interest In Becoming President?

Hear Me Out Show host Daniel Omara and his guest Don Wasike questioned whether the first son Lt. Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba who doubles as the Commander Land forces has a personal interest in becoming the next Ugandan President.

The duo were critiquing the happenings at Gen. Muhoozi’s 48th birthday bash which took place last weekend on April 24, 2022, at Lugogo Cricket Oval. The grand event was attended by President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, UPDF officials, performing artists and youths who enjoyed a massive feast organized on the budget of Muhoozi’s friends.

Although there have been allegations that the birthday was a rekindled Muhoozi Project, In Don Wasike’s observations, Muhoozi’s body language at the event alone expressed that he was not comfortable with political popularization campaigns.

“If you saw his body language when he was being ushered into the event, his hands were held towards his chest and stomach, that's a defensive pose. Then he walks in and has these gestures of Hi, what’s up. And when you look at his cap, it was covering his eyes. He was trying to keep a low profile on a high profile event,” Wasike recounted.

Daniel Omara reasoned that, perhaps the first son has his personal doubts of whether he can manage the highest political position in the country, which is normal. But his concern is whether Muhoozi is ready for the seat.

“I am just looking at it like, you're asked to step up for an opportunity but, are you prepared for it? I don't think he is. And It's the same thing I would say about Bobi wine.Yes he wanted to be President but was he ready?” Daniel asked.

“It's another thing to recognize that his birthday was a big deal but does he actually want it (the presidential seat)? Because that has been my biggest concern this whole time and I don't think he does.”

He further said that, Muhoozi amidst his own struggles of gaining his status without attributing it to his father’s political position has been added to family expectations of having him fill the father’s shoes even if he might not want to. Unlike his father who is passionate about politics, a political genius and military strategist, Daniel wondered whether Muhoozi had earned these essential leadership traits.

Giving an example of how Racheal Kay was lost in the picture of her mum and struggled to create her brand as a musical artist til she found her niche, Daniel queried whether Muhoozi had found his.

But the Hear Me Out guest-host Wasike insisted that, from the events on Muhoozi’s birthday, his body language and salutations confirm that maybe he prefers to be an ordinary citizen with a normal life which he can't have because of his proponents.

“There’s a guy called Ruhima Jonah on Twitter, who praises Muhoozi like, “greatest general ever, Muhoozi forever, Muhoozi this and that” Seriously, greatest General ever! This guy is a bot and the kinds of the people giving Muhoozi sleepless nights because they are creating unnecessary pressure. Too much of everything becomes cancerous,” said Wasike.

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