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Daniel Odaka on Cyber Security: Do not share a lot of information

Ugandans have been advised to be careful with the kind of personal information they share on the internet in order to guard themselves against cyber attacks. Daniel Odaka, a technology commentator who also works at Brian Child BCW, a multinational public relations firm, noted that most Ugandans easily fall prey to cyber attack because they share personal information on different unsecure sites. "Before you use an application, scrutinize it, minimize the number of apps you download and avoid applications that ask for access to your phone information," Odaka said. Odaka made an appearance on RX Radio during the 'The Groove with Crystal' on RX Radio hosted by Crystal Newman.

Odaka further advised internet users to be careful on what links they click on as most of them are viruses. He also cautioned against accepting cookies without reading the terms.

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