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Daniel: Filmmakers Should Be More Careful With Weaponry Used On Set

The Fatboy Show presenters Olive Najjuma and Daniel Omara have cautioned movie makers to be more careful on set, so as to avoid reckless incidents that could claim lives.

This comes after American movie maker, actor and writer Alec Baldwin, accidentally shot his Director of Photography Halyna Hutchins with a prop gun that left her dead. Reports further indicate that Director Joel Souza who was standing behind her at the incident, got wounded and transported to hospital by ambulance.

While commenting on the tragic incident, Daniel wondered how lives are claimed by the use of prop guns yet the first intention for choosing them is for safety. Olive blamed the crew for not having been precautious enough to check the gun chambers before it could be used on set.

“This was a very good example of recklessness of the props department, because it has cost us the life of a very talented Director of Photography, Halyna Hutchins, the injuries incurred by Director Souza, and the trauma it has caused to Alec Baldwin. Now, the project will have to be discontinued so that they can re-collect themselves,” said Daniel.

“Those working in film, please be very careful to take the right precautions to avoid situations such as these because this is how we lost Brandon Lee, a very talented actor who was shooting ‘The Crow,’” Daniel cautioned.

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