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Daniel: Farting Was Always Blamed On The Fat Person In Class.

Daniel, The Fatboy Show Presenter on RX Radio has sympathised with the ‘healthier’ kids in school, saying they were always the ones blamed for ‘passing gas.’

The subject arised from a 12-year-old American pupil attending Florida’s Stuart’s Spectrum High School, who was arrested for continuously farting in class. It is alleged that the boy was being disruptive, deliberately shutting down computers of other pupils and farting. He was thereafter busted by the school security and taken to the County sheriff’s office.

Daniel, amused at how excessive the farts that led to the boy’s arrest were, asked Lesham which type of farts the boy was busted for.

“You see, there are different types of farts such as the exploders that sound like a boom, the prolonged one that sounds like a motorcycle and the sidewinder,which moves sideways. This last one was always famous with ‘backbenchers,’ but there are at least twelve other types of farts. So which exact one was this kid arrested for?” he inquired.

In response, Lesham said, “I don't know which one the kid was arrested for but I was shocked that he was arrested to begin with, because I thought that he would be taken for a medical checkup. I think that this kid will be traumatised for life because how is he supposed to get over the fact that he was taken to the police for farting?” she said.

Lesham said that this complicated situation reminded her of her childhood days where she had to contain her farts and later release them on her way home.

Daniel recalled that in his school days, the fat person was always blamed for every gas passed in class. He said the reasoning derived from the fact that Ugandans don't pronounce the ‘r’ in farting, and when someone asked ‘who farted’ everyone would assume the fat person was guilty,” he explained.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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