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Daniel: People Experience 'Janworry' Because Of Spending Excessively In December

Yesterday on the Hear Me Out Show with Daniel Omara and guest host Jacob Kisubi alias Play01, the two Presenters shared their thoughts about the likely causes of poverty in January, the progress on new year’s resolutions and Loukman Ali’s film, ‘The Girl in the Yellow Jumper.’

With a few days into the new year, a lot of people complain of being financially drained, often blaming the month for the insolvency. Daniel and Play 01 gave some of their thoughts concerning the so-called ‘Janworry’ poverty.

“People tend to spend unconsciously in December and in January, they think of starting up again without having planned for the month and yet like December, it has 31 days,” Play01 commented.

Daniel agreed with him, saying that this might be the reason why companies resolve budgets mid-year because of how people tend to be financially unstable in January. “I think January poverty comes up because people fail to plan for December by spending excessively but I believe one can still practice financial discipline during the festive season.” However, Play 01 disagreed, saying that spending in December is inevitable unless one doesn't have friends to party or hangout with.

Swiftly switching the topic to new year’s resolutions, Daniel recommended individuals on making more relatable and achievable resolutions set as goals with timelines.

Play 01 added that setting resolutions such as going to the gym have to be kickstarted at the beginning of the year or one could keep on pushing them over and over without ever achieving them. “The day you decide to start a new year's resolution, do it that day or the next morning. If your resolution is saving, start saving that day because if you postpone, you'll just keep giving yourself excuses, that one I guarantee,” he advised.

Lastly, the two critiqued the movie ‘The Girl In The Yellow Jumper.’ They acknowledged Loukman Ali for making the first Ugandan movie to be showcased on Netflix and the choice of characters used.

Daniel, pleased with Loukman's lead actor Wawuyo Micheal Jr, who featured alongside his father Micheal Wawuyo Senior, was an interesting touch, he said. “Although we know them as father and son, in the movie they play totally different characters that just share a vehicle and say nothing to each other which I have to say was visually stunning.”

According to Play 01, all the actors ranked a 7/10 on his part, recognizing Maurice Kirya as an impressive character.

Daniel similarly commented, “The acting was good but for the character, he missed a few moments which I thought should have been delivered with more strength. He was a good actor but not necessarily a memorable one. If he wasn't in the lead role, he would have been forgotten,” he commented.

Play 01 additionally critiqued that Loukman’s inspiration from Producer Quentin Tarantino movies could easily be seen in this film. “It felt like Loukman was trying to make a Tarantino movie and at the same time the introduction seemed to be a copy and paste from ‘Fargo.’ He also went ahead to put a DVD of Fargo in the opening sequence as inspiration which I don't think he intended to hide. So I think it'd be cooler if he got his own niche and the good thing is that he is still growing, so it will be crazy when he does,” he said.

Play 01 is a Ugandan rapper and businessman who has established himself in the creative industry as a Hip hop artist since the early 2000’s. He has since released a number of songs such as Osaaga, Holiday, Everything and Poa among others.

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10am to Midday on RX Radio.

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