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Daniel And Lesham: The LGBTQ Community Have Become Bullies

RX Radio’s Daniel Omara and Lesham Kenogo have blamed the LGBTQ community for bullying people into accepting their convictions just because they are overly sensitive about them.

They made the remarks after Netflix’s transgender employees in Hollywood Los Angeles staged a walkout protesting against Stand-up Comedian Dave Chappelle’s ‘The Closer’ which they referred to as transphobic.

The employees accused the company of repeatedly releasing content that harms the trans community, particulary The Closer, where they attacked the standup comedian for making jokes about transgender people, especially black women.

In the recent episode that caused uproar, the comedian stated that ‘gender is a biological fact’ and backed Harry Potter’s Creator J.K rowling, who also faced public criticism in 2019, when she said that transgender women are a threat to the identity of naturally born women.

Lesham, while wondering why the employees would put a company in a conflicting situation yet they agreed to work under the employment terms, said that the staff are meant to perform their roles as assigned regardless of their feelings.

“It's like a Prophet Mbonye ‘camera-man’ at his church, he doesn’t have to be a believer in God to perform his job. Rather what matters is if he’s willing to do the job and gets paid for it,” she explained.

“As humans, we make fun of ourselves. I often make fun of myself for being or looking a certain way and anyone else would do the same; this applies to skin colour, body structure or even tribe, but when you get too emotional about everything and shutting people down, that can never be the solution,” Lesham added.

Daniel also argued that the LGBTQ community are becoming the new bullies after they molested one of the protestors who was in support of Dave Chappelle.

“I saw a video where a supporter of Dave Chappelle appeared among the protestors with a placard saying; ‘I love Dave Chapelle, comedy is meant to be funny.’ His placard was pulled and broken to pieces and they then started accusing him of holding a weapon because he held the stick that the placard was originally on! “ He narrated.

Nevertheless, Lesham in shock said the community is becoming radical rather than liberal, contending that Dave Chapelle’s comedy has always been about everything and everyone equally.

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However, Netflix’s Co-Ceo Ted Sarandos, refused to pull down the comedy series, in a email to the company employees saying that the episode that caused uproar was popular and an expression of freedom of speech adding that the


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