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Creating A Podcast Was An Emotional Outlet For Me - Faith Ayida

Founder of Fay Scentual Fragrances and host of Valid Dreams podcast Faith Ayida has revealed how the latter has provided emotional therapy and support to her.

Despite majoring in Science at university, being part of her church television’s production team made her passionate about media. When she lost her job at the beginning of the pandemic, she thought of starting something related to what she was already knowledgeable about.

“I started a podcast to have conversations with people. It turned out to be therapeutic for me. I’d just lost my job and spent most of the time having unpleasant thoughts since I lived alone. It was like an outlet for me,” she narrated.

After doing a course in Food Science and Technology, she was unable to practice her profession due to the fierce job market. Instead, she ventured into administration where she also started out as her first job.

When the Covid-19 pandemic ensued, Faith had just joined a travel company, and was put on probation till April 2020. Unfortunately by the end of March, her boss laid her off because of the negative impact that the pandemic had on the sector.

As from her early days in school, Faith loved perfumes and fragrances dearly. On many occasions, she would get into trouble with her parents because she had allergy issues and Asthma. “After getting over the crying and what not, I thought of the ideas I always had in my mind, including a cosmetics business and doing virtual work for different people. So I figured that now I am in this place, there was nowhere else to go and I had to try.”

She added, “I looked for suppliers and started hawking the products in offices. I had a heavy bag, I got sweaty, tired and though it was hard, I had to push on. Then I learnt how to do business smarter by recommending to those who may be unsure of what they want and using virtual means to sell the products.”

Now in the business for a year, Faith’s business has grown and she has expanded to selling other beauty products such as lipsticks, perfumes and body splashes which have helped her pay her bills and keep the business moving.

Ayida’s podcast, Valid Dreams runs on Apple, Spotify and also on Anchor. She also has a YouTube channel called Mustard Tribe that has been up for five months.

The Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman airs every Weekday from 4-5pm on RX Radio.

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