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Covid Vaccines Are An Experimental Therapeutic Vaccines - Dr. Eva Mugisa

In the Public Health Amendment Bill tabled before Parliament on February 3 2022, school children between the age of 5 to 11 are to be vaccinated against Covid 19 whether or not permitted by the parents.

This prompted health activists to condemn the bill calling it an abuse of human and parental rights.

According to the bill, the government, school and the manufacturer will not be held liable for any side or adverse effects that may occur which activists objected to as unjust and may be damaging to the future of the children.

Speaking to James Onen alias Fatboy on The Fatboy Show, Dr. Eva Mugisa, a pharmacist and the director of Faith for Medics Association denounced the bill saying the vaccination against Covid, unlike those of other diseases, are diverse and are gene types of therapy products which lack long term or mid term safety data yet it is recording a number of numerous terrible adverse effects.”

Fatboy also added that given the inability of the vaccines to protect against infection, he said that the pharmaceutical companies had turned the argument to their vaccines reducing severe infection, helping one recover quicker, wondering whether that still made them qualify as vaccines.

Dr. Mugisa said that even the WHO changed the definition of a vaccine. “We should all be on alert because this is not a vaccine, it is an experimental therapeutic jab that is still under investigation. It's going to need at least a minimum of 10 years before we know if there are going to be any long term effects, if we are going to be sterilizing an entire generation, having long term disabilities, dysregulation of the immune system etc,”

She stated that the government could adopt other alternative measures to protect the children against severe illness and death from Covid 19 rather than involuntary child vaccination to curb any epidemic besides Covid 19.

“In the algorithms, we have treatment and management of epidemics, vaccination is usually the third or fourth resort and they are tiers. So we have early treatment with medicines for prevention and treatment like Ivermectin which has been used for at least 50 years with a good safety record, and Covidex. The medicines are out there but for reasons that may be financial, the information is being censored.”

She also mentioned Rapid Antibody Tests that can be done to find out who has more antibodies than the rest although the government isn't publicizing them yet they can be locally manufactured and used to test students and promote immunity.

While addressing journalists last week, the Health Minister Dr. Ruth Aceng informed that the government is headway procuring the Pfizer pediatric dose which is safe and will be used for vaccination of children against Covid 19.

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