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Comedian Omara: My friends once abandoned me because I was very negative

Celebrated Comedian and RX Radio Presenter Daniel Omara has revealed that he was in 2013 abandoned by friends because he was being very negative about life.

While on The Hear Me Out show this Saturday, Omara revealed that shortly after he was dropped from 'The Hostel' TV show, he was feeling down and was constantly complaining about life which forced some of his friends to 'ghost' him.

"Shortly after I was dropped from the show, the media started writing negative stories about how I was hard to manage as an actor. Then a lot of people were calling me with cheap gigs and it made feel like I had lost my value as an actor. All that pushed me into a status of negativity. My friends would come to visit and all I talked about was how unfair everyone had been to me, with time most of my friends started avoiding me without giving me a reason," he said.

Omara noted that being negative is one of the reasons friends may "ghost" you.

He added: "I also had to ghost a friend because she was always complaining about men. She had so many issues yet she didn't want any advice."

His co- host Phillip Matogo said that negative people can make other people's lives miserable if you do not distance yourself from their negativity.

"A friend was always complaining about life and I once told him to find a way out of this life since he hated it so much. It's emotionally draining to have to deal with people like that every day," he said.

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