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Bonnie Kerogo To Youth: Believe In Yourselves

Actor, fashion entrepreneur and graphic designer Bonnie Karogo has advised youth to believe in themselves when chasing their dreams before others can.

This was during an interview with Crystal Newman on RX Radio’s Groove Cafe, where the young achiever said that it was during the pandemic that he ventured into graphics designing and consistently started hopping onto other opportunities that presented themselves.

“During the lockdown, I was like I won't just sit down and watch as things fall apart. So I decided to do something during that period, that's how I concentrated on graphic designing.”

It was during the same period that Kerogo says he joined acting even though he had never envisioned himself as an actor.

“Someone approached me when they needed an actor and I decided to take the opportunity. Surprisingly even before I acted, everyone was calling me by the character’s name. I've enjoyed acting because it has been such a good experience. Though I haven’t got many acting gigs, I am trusting the process,” he said.

When Crystal asked Kerogo to advise his peers, he told the youth to trust their intuition and hang onto their dreams even though they seem too big to achieve.

“Even if your dream is too big that it scares you, it is possible to achieve it as long as you utilise every opportunity that comes your way, whether it is an unexpected interview that you are called to, just show up and give it your best. Believe in yourself too because for anyone else to believe in you, it will have to start with yourself,” he encouraged.

Bonnie Kerogo with his sister Kokunda Bertha having had a strong passion for design; founded Kundas African Fashion specialising in creating modern African artistic products. The products they make include clothes, bags and jewelry. Kerogo is also the creator of Progress Media, his own graphics designing brand that he runs concurrently on social media with other tasks.

The Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman airs every Weekday from 4-5pm on RX Radio.

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