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Fatboy: Blacks are being blindly played by democratic politicians

RX Radio Presenter and Proprietor James Onen aka Fatboy has urged black people living in America to take personal responsibility in keeping themselves from trouble instead of always playing victim to racism and segregation when they get in trouble with the law.

A police officer, Derek Chauvin was found guilty on second degree murder for his role in the murder of a 46 year old black American man, George Floyd after the police officer placed his weight on his neck for over 9 minutes in a video that went viral. The police officer and his colleagues were called in by a store because Floyd was suspected of fraud after he presented a counterfeit dollar note.

“I believe this judgement has been politically motivated and the lawyers of Derek will have a good ground to reappeal the ruling. Floyd was no saint; he lived a life of crime but is now being glorified. I have seen posts that are calling for disarming and defunding of the police by blacks, with such reactions they are just digging their own grave because once the police pull out of these communities that are already high on crime, there will be anarchy,” Fatboy said during the Thursday’s The Fatboy Show.

Fatboy added that contrary to what is believed, more armed white citizens are killed by police officers in America but the media and the politicians don’t politicise those killings because they do not fit their narrative.

“Democrats and the liberal media don’t want the black American community to be well-off, because that will mean no votes for them. I believe there is racism in America but its not as bad as the media and politicians make it seem. If they want to change their lives, they should change their political standing and stop supporting a party that only gives them lip service and continue to make their situation even worse year in and year out. The democratic media will continue to ignite the racism fire and we will continue to see dysfunctional black communities,” he said.

Olive Najjuma, a co-host on the show said that although they are instances where the victims instigate police to shoot them, there are cases where the police are intentionally killing black people mainly because of the colour of their skin.

“Racism against the black community is real in America and there some trigger-happy white police officers that are just eager to put down a black person at any available opportunity,” she said.

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