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Before You Ask What FDC Is Doing, What Have You Done To Change The Status Quo?- Political Analyst

In his attempt to protest against the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities, Dr. Kizza Besigye, the leader of the People’s Front for Transformation (PFT) has been arrested three times in less than two weeks while trying to rally Ugandans to stand up for the same cause.

Still many Ugandans have been wondering why other political parties weren't doing the same or joining Dr. Kizza Besigye to voice the grievances of the people and put pressure on the government to enact some changes for them to survive during this time.

Speaking to James Onen aka Fatboy on Rx Radio, the Alliance for National Transformation publicist, a social worker and political analyst George Muhimbise Informed that challenging the rising cost of living is not a responsibility of any political party or pressure group but should be everyone’s concern.

“This is not a struggle of parties, it is not about FDC, ANT or NUP. It's about the country and it's about Ugandans expressing their freedoms. It's about Ugandans who feel marginalized raising their voices high against the situation. It's not about a party’s participation, we encourage any Ugandan who can to join Dr Besigye if that's their strategy,” Muhimbise said.

He added that if a significant number of the population rose up to demand for change, the country would have been long transformed instead of it waiting for the political parties to fight for their rights.

“If a good number of Ugandans regardless of their political parties would join any form of struggle whether going to the street, whether it's a formal struggle like engaging in elections, this country would be changed. Struggle shouldn't be perceived as going to the streets alone and getting beaten or arrested,” he said.

Adding that, “As 45 million Ugandans, we have equal stakes in the country whether in NRM or civil society. That's why we cast one vote each. So if all Ugandans wake up and play their roles, we'd be able to change our country. People should not focus on leaders or political parties. Like Abraham Lincoln, before you ask what ANT, NUP or FDC has done, what have you done as a person to transform or challenge the status quo about what you think is not right?”

He further said that with their different forms of struggle, parties and political analysts like him are all advocating for change and therefore it is incorrect to think that Dr. Besigye is in the struggle alone.

“If some of us haven't used his path, it doesn't mean that we are quiet. We are doing a lot of other things in the same struggle. I write and sensitize Ugandans about the current situation. We've been to several media houses talking about these situations, giving our alternative views. You've seen members of parliament giving there views too,” he argued.

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