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Be a good listener: Nankunda advises communicators

Everyone needs to have some good communications skills regardless of your style of work.

You need good communications skills to communicate with your superiors, clients and even colleagues at work.

According to Penelope Nankunda, a communications coach at Youth Apprentice Center, there are basic elements of a good communicator that each individual that deals with people must have.

"First, you must be an active listener; it is not always about you. You must give a chance for others to air their views. Secondly, be empathetic to others, read a lot and finally always be precise," said Nankunda in a chat with Crystal Newman during the 'Groove with Crystal' show on RX Radio.

Nankunda noted that having good communications skills helps you to build your confidence and create an admirable image before your employer.

"It is about believing in yourself that you can do anything you want. A lot of people that seem too confident are actually not but they have mastered the art of putting on the confidence mask," she said.

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