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Asan Kasingye To Youth: Start Preparing For Retirement On The Day You Commence Work

Having spent over 30 years in the police and other sectors of government, Former Ugandan Police Political Commisser and Interpool boss, Retired Assistant Inspector General of Police. Asan Kasingye has advised young people to prepare for retirement as soon as they get employed.

“Young people should know that upon employment, retirement must be planned for on the first day of work. The moment you sign for that job, start planning for retirement. Many people might not understand what am talking about but it's something you must do. It's not only about saving money but a lot of things,” the former AIGP said.

According to him, preparing for retirement includes keeping a clean reputation as a result of self-discipline. The discipline creates a legacy that attracts potential opportunities and respect for someone even after retirement.

“2 months after my retirement, so many organizations, and people are calling me to be part of them, as a member of their Boards of Directors, of governors and chairman of their boards. This means that I am a person that will add value to their organization. Is your name going to their organization? Is your name going to attract value to the organization or reduce it?”

He adds that humility and respect for others is other important tool for youths no matter the positions they hold at their places of work.

He made the emphasis following an encounter at a one Minister’s quarters where he had to wait for 4 hours before he could see the minister on a casual visit, though he was not dressed in uniform.

He waited in the office of the personal assistant which was not occupied at that time. When the P.A arrived he was furious and scolded the Afande Akasingye and the minister’s secretary for allowing a strange person to sit in this office despite attempts to explain himself.

Shortly the secretary fetched him for his appointment with the Minister. The P.A was marveled and sorry for his conduct after he got to know that it was Afande Kasingye, which prompted him to run after the Afande for an apology.

“So colleagues, as you work for the government, know that you're in that office but one day you're going to leave it. How you want other people to treat you is the way you should treat them. The people that you are mistreating could contribute to your recommendation one day,” said Afande. Kasingye.

He continued, “Being humble in whatever we do doesn’t cost us anything. We need to have that humility around us, we need to appreciate people. It doesn’t matter who that person is but what does is that everyone carries some worthiness with them.”

He mentioned that more of such lessons and the experience he has acquired is explicitly stated in his book which will be launched on 30th July.

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