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Anna: Teachers Deserve To Earn Better Than People In Any Other Profession

Contending the salary of arts teachers, the Hear Me Out Show guest host Anna said the teachers deserve the best salaries because they nurture every other profession.

She was commenting on the salary rise for science teachers that excluded their arts colleagues in government schools. Under the new arrangements, graduate science teachers and Grade V teachers will earn 4 million shillings, and 3 million shillings up from 1.1 million shillings and 796,000 respectively.

“Teachers should earn better than any other profession because they are the ones that bring forth any other profession. So why are we separating them (arts and sciences)? Is it because we are in a society where we feel like science is more important!” Anna wondered.

She was distressed about how society is downgrading the essence of education, saying that attending school has been casualized, and arts are considered far less valuable in society.

Also, Daniel Omara, a co-host of the show, expressed similar sentiments. He said that underpaying teachers has made them devise new income avenues such as coaching and resorting to side jobs that later become their main sources of income.

“If the government is not paying you enough for your day job, you have to get a side job, and many teachers end up turning to their side jobs as their main gigs. The teaching becomes the side gig which makes it a non-priority,” he surmised.

Daniel asserted that sciences and arts are interdependent hence deserving the same recognition in the society. For instance, he said that scientists might produce medicines, but they will need creatives to package and create a brand for the products.

The two agreed that besides arts and science teachers, generally, teachers in government schools should earn an average of 2.5 million minus allowances and other benefits.

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10 am to Midday on RX Radio.

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