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An Influencer Can Make Millions In A Week - Arthur Musinguzi, Social Media Influencer

Full-time social media influencer Arthur Musinguzi has revealed that influencers can make millions within a week depending on the type of clients they have.

Arthur, who has been influencing for nearly 10 years explained that since social media is one of the unregulated sectors, influencers have chances of making unlimited monies depending on their service delivery and bargaining power.

“An influencer can make millions in a week or even more in a month. This, however, depends on the number of clients available and your marketing strategies. If you sell yourself low you can even make 50,000 shillings a month. If you have a good product and well-profiled platforms, clients will run to you and you will be the one to name your price,” he said.

Arthur said this during the Influencer Table talk today on the Fatboy Show.

He disclosed that job security depends on the consistency of the influencers. Some fall off over time but those that stay reap their fruits in abundance.

According to Arthur, numbers are not the ultimate factor when a brand is pushing to penetrate the market.

“Many people want to dismiss the fact that numbers do not matter when it comes to influencing. Significantly they matter but are not the utmost necessity. Many opinion leaders and specialists in different sectors may not have the numbers but have the knowledge.”

“Companies that want to market their products and services should bring on board an opinion leader, specialist and influencer so that the information is well articulated. This helps the client have a return on investment given that social media has a lot of misinformation and fake news,” he advised.

However, he also advised influencers to be consistent in their type of content and creative enough not to send away followers due to rampant advertising content on their platforms.

“Consuming a product/ service often will have your followers know that you are not just its influencer but also a consumer. So people will take the product or service because they know you also consume it,” he said.

Arthur started modeling his social media brand as a blogger and social media marketer 10 years back. He has worked with almost all “serious” brands in the country. He is a full-time social media influencer, digital media strategist, and online editor.

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