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A Sneek Peek Into The Pearl Rythm Festival

Last held in 2018, The Pearl Rythm Festival is back in Kampala for its 8th Edition to celebrate the rich African sounds and cultural music that create a unique identity for Ugandan music presented to local and international markets.

This year’s festival will be celebrated at the National Theatre from 29th to 30th October 2022. It will feature locally and internationally recognized talented African artists such as Charlotte Hill O’Neal aka Mama C from Tanzania, Kyekyeku from Ghana, and local fusion artists such as Tushi Nabakyala, Karungi Shiela, Whooshsential, Vic de Lugaphoenix, and the indigenous Batwa community.

Appearing on The Fatboy Show today, Mama C explained that indigenous music to be showcased gives a unique sense of belonging to African music and helps music lovers and artists connect with their spirituality.

“I always tell artists, for instance, Hip Hop artists, that whenever they create that music flow, they connect with the spirit. When a breakdancer spins around the head without breaking any bones, they connect with the spirit. I think it is important to reconnect with our African spirit,” said the 71-year-old artist from Tanzania in an interview with Fatboy.

Being a fire priestess, Mama C said she feels obliged to share her African religion with youths and people worldwide.

With the increasingly diverse growth of African music seemingly taking different beats from traditional sounds, Kyekyeku thought it prudent that the local African music is rejuvenated.

“I believe that we should be creating streams of music. It can not just be pop music or Afro beats all the time. We have to give room for other genres of music because those who understand it enjoy it,” he said.

Tickets for the festival go for 30,000 shillings online, 50,000 at the gates and 60, 000 for both days pass

Artists will include Busoga-based Sandra K, guitarist Andereya Baguma, Czarbu, Noah infexious, and Brian Aliddeki, among others.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, and Sarah every weekday from 6 am to 10 am on RX Radio.

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