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Weight Loss Has To Be A Lifetime Goal- Fitness Coach, Nalule Deborah

In their journey to lose weight, many people opt for ‘miracle’ weight loss options thinking they can shed off a considerable amount of weight in a short period of time.

Years ago, one of these people was Nalule Deborah. Now a fitness coach and investing time and energy to stay in shape, she says that the fitness journey requires dedication to living a healthy lifestyle, and the ability of a person to patiently walk through it.

“I try to teach my clients that it's not about having the best body, but keeping healthy is what matters. I talk to them about creating a sustainable weight that they will keep for a long time while eating balanced healthy meals. I usually tell them to look at it as a lifetime goal because at the end of the day it’s their health that really matters.”

Having been plus-size since childhood, Nalule said that at university, she was drawn to act upon her weight because finding fitting clothing became a problem. She then embarked on taking slimming teas, juices and supplements for three years which unfortunately didn't work for her.

It wasn't until she saw an Instagram post of a friend who had lost 30 kgs in three months that she got practical knowledge on how to lose weight.

“I wasn't putting in the work, I was taking slimming teas and struggling for three years or so until a lady posted a picture of herself where she had lost 30 kgs and it made me curious. I got in touch with her and she gave me instructions on what I should and shouldn't eat plus work-out techniques and schedules,” she said.

After three weeks of eating healthy and working out, the fitness coach said she drastically lost 8 kgs in 2 weeks and 40kgs in 5 months that people started to think she was sick.

However, after having her first child and breastfeeding for a year, Debbie once again lost weight that people couldn't believe the remedies she talked about concerning weight loss. This being the case, she decided to start up ‘Debbie Fit’ to give others an opportunity to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Operating for four years now, most of her clients are from referrals of friends who support her despite her family being unreceptive to it. She acknowledges her business as her passion and as something she loves to do while helping others.

Moreso, she advised those looking towards starting their fitness journey and the program in particular, to be determined if they are to achieve the weight loss goal.

“Sometimes I feel like it's really the tired people that get to do the program. If you're this person who has an attitude of just trying, then it won’t work for you. I might guide you in all steps but in the end you're the one eating the meals and I can't force you to work out. So you have to be mentally ready to join, and I feel like that's the biggest part,” she said.

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