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We Need UCC To Make Policies That Uplift The Film Industry - Patrick Nkakalukanyi

The ninth Uganda film festival had some of the most outstanding events the industry had experienced in a while, from the fashion and glamor to Patrik Nkakalukanyi’s speech that stirred protest among the audience.

Like a long-awaited occasion, actor and Director Patrik Nkakalunyi set an outburst among the creatives when he demanded that the industry “needs more” from the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) in terms of recognition, pay, and welfare which the excited crowd chanted back the words in unison.

Hosted by Olive Najjuma on The Brunch Talk Show on Saturday afternoon, Nkakalukanyi re-echoed the statements. He said the industry has non-functional bodies hindering them from recognition by media houses and sponsors that could popularize their work and enable them to make a living.

“UCC has the power to influence policies that can uplift the industry, they can uplift our bodies, but you will never hear of our bodies even though we have them. You will never hear of the actors guild, you will never hear of the producers guild, and even the public does not know about them,” Nkakalukanyi complained.

He added that the corporate organizations present statistics of the growth of the movie industry when the reality is the opposite because popular figures in the industry such as him and Loukman Ali have not got the benefits they deserve from the commission.

Moreso, he admitted that the festival was the best platform to air their grievances because of all the concerned parties, ministries, and sponsors were around.

The actor also stressed the need for a clear layout of their minimum salaries, alongside NSSF benefits and insurance.

“For us, it's not even about salaries. It's about remuneration with a threshold such that everyone is protected in their different fields. I have done so many commercials, but if I tell you the money I get, you will even laugh. But this is Nkakalukanyi, and because I know my worth, I usually bargain and push to get the little I gain from those commercials. Now imagine what happens to a first-time actor.”

Nkakalukanyi surmised that if the UCC enacts policies to regulate such, their grievances would be acted upon. But if not, the festivals become functions done for formality but not for the recognition and growth of the sector.

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