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We Got Lost In Girl Child Empowerment And Neglected The Boy Child - Jennifer Mudondo

The author of Giant in Hiding Jennifer Mudondo, stated that focusing on girl child empowerment has created a gap between women and men and eroded the position and diligence of men in society.

“When we started uplifting the girl child, we forgot that we shall have to deal with a mindset problem where the men are like empty cases while women are shaped and empowered. So as a woman, because I am groomed to have proper dialogue and accountability, I'll meet a guy who is not questionable and doesn’t account to anyone, especially a woman, and am supposed to submit to him!” she wondered.

According to her, women have become frustrated with men that have not been prepared enough for manhood and responsibility.

“I think we got lost in girl child empowerment, and we neglected men because we thought they didn't need support since they were the giants at that time. We focused on emancipating the woman. Now that she has got there, the guy is not ready to take it because he is a man,” Mudondo said.

She assumed that possibly some men do it intentionally to see how far the woman’s power can take her, while some may just have not been groomed as men.

Mudondo says that although she had always written several pieces, she decided to write and publish the Giant in Hiding from a personal experience of one in a long-term relationship.

From her analysis, many women relate to this situation which she writes about in Giant In Hiding.

She said mending the broken system requires a collective effort of society and families working together to empower the boychild about his responsibility as the man in society and as the head of a home.

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