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We Are Trying To Create Heroes Based On Uganda Folklore - Film Production Designer Victoria Nakimbow

Prestige’s film production designer, scriptwriter, and storyboarder at Paulette comics, Victoria Nakimbowa said the publishing company focuses on creating African heroes specifically from Ugandan folklore.

Paulette comics is a media and publishing company specializing in the production of comic books for children based on Uganda’s history and culture.

“We have a couple of titles such as Gipir and Labong, Musisi & Kintu. We are trying to create heroes from our own folklore stories by bringing them to life,” she informed Crystal Newman during the Groove Cafe on Monday evening at RX Radio.

She explained that the stories were retold in form of comic story books to give Ugandan children context of their history and cultural roots away from the Western Batman and Spiderman comic books.

“Here we have our heroes in our own stories based on our different tales and religions. We have done stories from all over the country, and are slowly publishing them. We shall gradually begin to animate them,” she elaborated.

The film production designer recalled perfecting her script writing and storyboarding skills at a Multichoice talent factory training in Nairobi -Kenya.

Victoria said her parents were artists who inspired her to attain a career. She grew up as a creative child seeing, copying, and drawing.

She pursued a Bachelor of Industrial Art and Applied Design and thereafter joined the Multichoice Factory training, where she learned about production design.

She has since worked on short films and features and is currently the production designer for Prestige, a television series showing on Pearl Magic.

The Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman airs every Weekday from 4-5 pm on RX Radio.

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