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The Fatboy Show: Of What Importance Is French As A New Official Language?

In a meeting held by the East African Council Of Ministers in Arusha Tanzania, a decision was made to add French onto the community’s official languages in East Africa.

On Thursday last week, the Minister of East African Affairs told the press that the language would be an avenue for employment opportunities, adding that the subject is to be taught in schools and will be made compulsory.

Lesham, puzzled by this, asked, “Who, why, what and how is adding French as an official language going to help us? Also, how many French people do we have here or operational French businesses that we should be contemplating this?”

Fatboy, in disagreement with her, said that the language is essential because it is widely spoken in member states such as Rwanda, Burundi and the DRC, that is eyeing to join the community.

However, he was concerned about the expansion of the East African Community that keeps getting bigger by adding states geographically located away from East Africa, such as Burundi and Rwanda. “I believe these two should be part of central Africa, considering that the benefits between them and Uganda are minimal.’

Fatboy also wondered how the language will provide employment as promised by the East African Affairs Minister.

“Well, our Minister of East African Affairs Rebecca Kadaga said that the introduction of French as an added official language brings various benefits to the country including job opportunities. How though, she doesn't say,” he protested.

Nonetheless, he regarded French as the “most beautiful” language; saying that when he hears people speaking it, he imagines they are saying something poetic and beautiful. “I always wanted to date a person that speaks French but unfortunately, luck hasn’t been on my side,” he revealed.

Lesham in turn joked about it, saying that if the bill passes, maybe he will have a chance at getting his match within the next 5-10 years.

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