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The BodaBoda Census Is Free Of Charge - KCCA

Yesterday, the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) kickstarted the bodaboda census to streamline the operations of motorcyclists in the city.

KCCA has designated areas where cyclists should register to help the authority estimate the number of bodabodas in the city.

The exercise commenced yesterday, 15 August 2022, and is expected to end on 30 August. To register, a motorist must possess a national identity card, a letter from LC, Parish Internal Security Officer (PISO), a copy of the log book, and an application form found at the census centers.

Speaking to RX Radio’s James Onen in a phone interview, Robert Kalumba, the KCCA spokesperson dismissed rumors that such censuses usually yield no fruit, yet they also pay for them.

“The exercise is free of charge, not even 500 shillings is required. However, we are not surprised of those spreading false rumors that it's,” he said.

According to Mr. Kalumba, the process is to create a better working environment for the cyclists and in turn, create a smart city.

He added that the census is to help KCCA know the number of bodaboda operators in Kampala. The number will help KCCA in the second phase, where gazetting stages, creating uniforms, and databases will happen. The authority is also to ensure that cyclists pay some taxes to the government.

In 2011, Ms. Jenifer Musisi, the former executive director of KCCA, embarked on a motorcycle census to streamline the transport system under the new city arrangement. Only 400,000 motorcyclists were registered and counted before security stopped the exercise.

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