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The Banana In Mundaawo Related To Food But We Knew People Would Think Otherwise - Delivad Julio, B2C

Delivad Julio, one of the members of the Born 2 Concur group (B2C) aka Kampala boys, has clarified that the lyrics of “I wanna visit you, bae, I used to eat your banana” in the Mundaawo song, related to food and not the other banana’s some people perceived.

In explanation, he corrected the line “I want to visit you bae' - which some people sing; 'I want to feast you bae' adding that it was from an inspiration of the popular plantain planted and consumed vastly in the central region.

“For people like us who have worked from Owino, we usually have bananas for breakfast. So it was the banana we were referring to because even the first verse of the song was talking about food. But we also expected what people are thinking and music is also dynamic. Sometimes you need to let people make their interpretation,”

Recently, the group added a new name to their brand known as Kampala Boys making some ponder on which one the trio now goes by.

He explained, “Kampala Boys is just an addition to B2C, and we refer to ourselves as Kampala Boys to have recognition outside the country. Kampala is known as the Capital City of Uganda so when we perform in Nigeria and mention B2C, aka Kampala Boys, people easily recognize that we are from Uganda.”

Asked how the trio came together, Julio said their friendship during childhood as children dancing together in church. They met again in high school and made music collaboratively. They went on to perform at the University, although the group commercialized their music in 2015 after completing school.

To him, their music trio is one of the ways they stand out, learning from other duos in the industry and the desire to set a new legacy for the music industry in Uganda with the help of their vision and guidelines.

The trio has gripped the music industry releasing one hit after another. They are famously known for songs such as Mundaawo, Kiss You, Gutamiiza, Nyongera, and Gwe Weka among others. It consists of Mr. Lee, Bobby Lash, and Delivad Julio who was hosted on The Fatboy Show Monday Morning.

The music band will be having their second concert since 2018 at Freedom City along Entebbe road, scheduled to take place on 19th August 2022. He assured fans that the concert will be “one of a kind”, the first of its own to happen in Uganda, from the production to everything else. “Trust me, people are going to talk about it,” he held.

Tickets go for 10,000 shillings ordinary, 30,000 VIP, and 1 million for a table of five. They will also be available online.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, and Sarah every weekday from 6 am to 10 am on RX Radio.

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