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Start Young: Boundless Minds' Founder Tells Youth

The founder of Boundless Minds, Benjamin Rukwengye has advised young Ugandans to always not wait until they are done with school to seek entrepreneurship opportunities or jobs.

Rukwengye noted that by the time one is 18 years, they should have some social and entrepreneurship skills if they are to compete favourably with their peers across the globe.

"Here in Uganda, a youth remains redundant until they are done with university, which is about 23 years of age. Our 19-year-olds are still in their parents’ home wasting their time on useless things which is one of the reason Africa is still backward," he said while appearing on The Groove Cafe, a segment on The Groove with Crystal Newman.

Boundless Minds was established in 2017 as a mentorship social Enterprise that prepares young people for work, entrepreneurship and social skills.

‘’Most young people are afraid to start because they do not know how to. We help young people to navigate life and work. We validate their dreams and show them that they are all possible,” he added.

Rukwengye on Wednesday evening made an appearance on ‘The Groove with Crystal’ show on RX Radio.

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The Groove is hosted by Crystal Newman every weekday from 3pm to 7pm on RX Radio. The show has one interactive hour from 4pm to 5pm where the host interacts with listeners that have special stories to share.

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