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RX Radio’s Olive: The LGBTQ society should start their own church if they don’t like the way the cat

RX Radio Presenter Olive Najjuma has said the catholic church may not change who they are and the pillars that have made up their church to accommodate LGBTQ community.

Olive, while on Tuesday’s The Fatboy Show noted although the LGBTQIA society has a right to do as they wish with their bodies, they should not force their beliefs on other cultures and communities but instead, can start their own churches where they will not have to explain who they are and will also live without feeling like they are less than.

Olive and her co-host James Onen aka Fatboy were discussing the recent announcement from the Vatican that the catholic priests cannot bless same sex marriage because it is a sin.

“The catholic church is right on this one. The Bible they believe in and uphold condemns homosexuality. By declaring that one is gay, they know that they will be rebelling against the church and it’s beliefs. They should be able to live a normal life like the rest of us but should know that there are things even them can’t change, especially beliefs rooted in the Bible. If the LGBTQ community want to have a church ceremony and be accepted, let them start their own church and put their own rules like King Henry of England broke away from the catholic church when it refused to grant him a divorce,” she said.

Fatboy said that the catholic church condoning same sex marriages will be going against their own religion because according to the bible, homosexuality is a sin the same way fornication, adultery etc are sins.

“It’s like expecting the church to bless fornication? They would never do that because its against the bible that they believe in. I do not like it when a group or an individual want to upset the foundation of an organization or a community that have been in place for the longest time. Let them marry each other if they want but don’t force the church or society to change for them,” he said

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