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Prynce Atiku: I am not intimidated by Cindy’s celebrity status

Film producer and actor Joel Prynce Okuyo Atiku who also happens to be singer Cindy Sanyu’s fiancé has said he is not in the least intimidated by his wife’s celebrity status because he sees her as a woman and not a celebrity.

While appearing on RX Radio on The Fatboy Show during the FilmScope Ug segment, Prynce who is highly known for his role in the 2007 film “Battle of the Souls,” said that the Cindy he is married to is not the same person that most Ugandans are used to, hence he does not mind about her being a bigger celebrity than him.

“The Cindy I am married to is a sweet, caring, beautiful woman which is totally different from the Cindy the public knows who is a big music star, commonly referred to as ‘The King’. I do not mix those two people and I believe that’s why I find her very amazing.” Prynce said in response to a question from James Onen aka Fatboy on whether he sometimes feels intimidated by Cindy’s celebrity status.

Commenting on his roles and successes in the film industry, Prynce noted that he is a very dedicated actor that gives his roles a lot of attention to make them perfect.“I am a perfectionist. I want everything I do to be done perfectly and that’s why I have been able to make the progress I have made in the film industry. You need a lot of dedication, patience and learning to become a good actor,” he added.

Prynce further praised DSTV for supporting the film industry with tv channels to showcase local stories but also providing funding to local film makers. Prynce has been involved in films such as 'November Tears' and 'I am a slave' among others.

Filmscope Ug with DSTV Uganda, is a feature on The Fatboy Show on RX Radio dedicated to celebrating Ugandan film and television talent as well giving daily updates on the latest developments, offers and programmes on DSTV Uganda.

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