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Passion Always Glued Me To Media: NTV Weekend Edition News Anchor, Mildred Pedun

News anchor at NTV and voice-over artist Mildred pedun says that she had a natural connection to media that even when she tried pursuing something else, she found herself back in media.

“Even when I tried alternative things like business, I was always pulled back to the media. When I was starting, I did a business course because everyone else in my family had done something in business, but after sitting home for some time, I told myself that this is not what I signed up for,” She told Scovia, the guest host of the Groove during a conversation on the Groove Cafe.

Pedun narrated she then decided to go to UMCAT to nurture her passion for anchoring as she had always done in high school.

Now anchoring on the NTV Weekend Edition, when asked how she manages the negative criticism on social media, she said celebrity life isn’t as cool as people portray given how the public may always have an eye for what a person like her is up to.

“I try to stay as normal as possible. I will jump on a bike if I want to go somewhere. If I want to buy something, I’ll stop and buy it. I try to keep as normal as possible, and I also try to ignore the negativity on social media,” she explained.

She admitted to have been eager to read through comments about her in the beginning but is learning to wear off from things that may trigger her as a public figure.

Mildred adds that despite everything, passion keeps her grounded and makes her able to deliver. This, she says applies to even her work outside television news anchoring.

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