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Once In A While Evaluate The Status Of Your Mind - Bob Abby

Whereas many people often attend to their physical health more than their emotional wellness, passionate advocate for mental health Bob Abby says that once in a while, a person has to take a personal audit of their state of mind.

The Kenyan national based in Rwanda is a multipreneur and psychologist. As a guest on the Groove Cafe with Crystal, he said that a stable mind is the most important aspect of the body that has to be cognitively well for the rest of the body to be properly functional.

“People service their cars, wax their bodies and fix their hair. However, it's ironic that they forget to groom the most important part which is the brain and emotional wellness.”

He added, “To go about it, one needs to do a self psycho-emotional audit. Take into account the circles you're in and their impact on your life; whether these people have to be in it, your habits when you’re with them and make an evaluation of yourself from the outside. You'll realize that there are things you might need to leave or adapt to.

He went on to advise, “When going through an emotional breakdown, ask yourself if you can manage your emotional wellbeing and if you need help, it’s important that you seek professional help for the same, rather than crying out to friends and partners as women tend to do.”

With networking and technological advancements today, one would think that this gives opportunity for maintaining cognitive wellness. However, the situation is intensely more overwhelming than it was in the 20th century which is what drew Abby to make a positive contribution. “Cognitive wellness, which is a lacking aspect today, requires one to take time to know if they are well, accepting who they are and being at peace with oneself, changing what they can about themselves and learning to positively live with what they can’t.”

According to Bob Abby, the population is filled with mentally overwhelmed people who can be identified by their abusive language and reactions on social media platforms, especially with the negative impact of Covid-19 on many.

“Women have circles where they share experiences about their mental wellbeing. However, the African grooming of male individuals inclines them to be quiet about their mental health which they try fixing through hobbies, yet sometimes the issue needs professional care.”

In Rwanda, the psychologist has spent four years in the country and hopes to start up an organisation aimed at helping single mothers, mostly the fostered girl children raised by foster parents after their own died in the genocide and were subjected to sexual abuse and exploitation.

His organization is meant to give a voice to single mothers, providing them and their children with emotional support and a father figure.

Bob Abby is also a Public Relations Specialist, Digital Marketing Consultant and Content Creator.

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