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Olive: What Are We Doing To Ensure That Governments Does Something About The Skyrocketing Prices?

Today on the Fatboy Show, host Olive Najjuma has asked Ugandans to stop blaming politicians for refusing to protest against the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities.

She made the remarks following the leader of the opposition Mathias Mpuga’s request to the public to stop questioning why NUP has not joined Rt. Dr. Kizza Besigye, the People’s Front for Transition (PFT) leader in the ongoing protests against the surged prices of essential commodities.

Mpuga noted that NUP Members of Parliament (MPs) made recommendations and proposals about how skyrocketing prices of commodities could be resolved but nothing has been done inferring that the government has left its people to suffer which should have compelled them to rise against the bad governance instead of questioning what the leaders are doing.

Olive seconded the argument and said that the opposition did their part and the government did nothing yet Ugandans that are suffering kept quiet.

“You and I, what are we doing to ensure that government comes to our aid? Because at the end of the day, we are all Ugandans and all politicians in a way. The skyrocketing prices are affecting all of us.” she said.

The Fatboy Show Co-host James Onen opined that perhaps Ugandans think that political activism means politicians suffering on their behalf through protesting, getting whipped or teargassed, and only then is when a party is considered to be doing active politics.

“This is what Ugandans expect of their politicians; they want to see you barefoot, beaten they are like ‘yeah, good job’,” he said.

Olive referred to Germany, where a £9 (about 35,000 shillings) ticket was put in place to ensure that people can use public transport such as buses and trains, encouraging them to leave their cars at home due to the high gas prices.

She hence added, “Now, I understand that Germany is a rich country, but what has our government done? Nothing. They haven't put in place anything and we are quiet.”

“We don't need the government to get rid of everything but to do something. So when Mpuga says that they have suggested, tabled proposals and government has done nothing, now you want them to go and get whipped!” she said as she burst out in laughter.

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