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Olive: The Ugandan Government Has Always Foiled Terrorist Attacks

Earlier today on The Fatboy Show, presenter Olive Najjuma applauded the government for successfully fighting terrorist attacks within the country and in neighbouring countries.

She made the remarks following the presidential statement on combating terrorist bombings that have occured twice in three days.

In a tweet, the President attached the attacks to Allied Defence Forces (ADF) terrorists saying that; “The public should not fear, we shall defeat this criminality like we have defeated all the other criminality committed by the pigs who don't respect life.”

In his recent tweet, the President stated that the clues are ‘clear and plenty’ as the hunt for the domestic bombers continues.

“We are worried because we don't know where they will hit next. And more so, not even the President or police have come out to tell us the motives of the bombers,” Olive said.

However, she noted that the President has the capacity to protect Ugandans given that he successfully drove out those who have tried to destabilise Uganda in years he has spent in power.

“Honestly, we don’t give credit where it's due but the Ugandan government has done well in foiling terrorist attacks in foreign countries. And it's probably because we have done good by meddling into other people’s business and now it is payback time, unfortunately,” she added.

She further wondered whether the Islamic State that claimed responsibility for the first attack was working together with the now suspected ADF rebels.

To this, Daniel responded that the country would then need the ‘Bush War Sevo’ to intervene as a tactician and general.

“If the two terrorist groups are working together in terms of a music album, that would be one hell of a collaboration with two artists, one local and the other international. If it were a track, It would be a hard hit,” he joked.

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