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Olive: The Rule Of Law In The Country is Selective

Commenting on the security operatives sentenced to serve time in prison, RX Radio Presenter Olive Najjuma was partly content with the enforcement of rule of law.

Yesterday, the Kakiri Division Court Martial in Wakiso sentenced Lance Corporal Augustine Mugisha, a UPDF officer and Mustafa Ssali, an LDU personnel to life in prison and 35 years in prison respectively, for shooting and killing protestors during the November 18th and 19th 2020 riots.

Over 54 people were killed during these riots by live and stray bullets fired by the police to disperse the crowds that were protesting against the arrest of National Unity Platform President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu.

On the Fatboy Show, Olive said that it was not enough to bring two officers to justice when a number of them that shot and killed innocent protestors are still free.

“I like that these men have been brought to book and justice has been served. However, did you watch that BBC Africa documentary of the officers in a truck that were moving around Kampala streets randomly shooting people? To date, none of those people have been brought to book.”

She added “And then there were officers that shot at two ladies that were in Kireka by the road, one of them was carrying triplets and she lost all her babies.”

Fatboy, appreciating that at least some of the culprits had been brought to justice despite the loopholes, asked Olive whether it would be fair to say there isn’t rule of law.

Olive, in her response posited, “I'm not saying that there’s no rule of law but I am saying that it is selective in the way it works. Because like that number 17 truck, the police officers have not been convicted, we've never seen a report or a hearing of them being tried.”

Olive then showed gratitude that the two men were brought to book, but appealed to the government to follow up on the case with the police officers because 54 people lost their lives.

Last year, President Museveni tasked the police to come up with a report on investigations about the deaths of some rioters killed by live and stray bullets. In August 2021, he promised that the report would soon be made public.

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