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Olive: The Police Can Handle Traffic Law Offenders In A Much Better Way

With the increasing cases of careless driving from traffic law offenders, police yesterday vowed to name and shame the culprits.

According to traffic police, 146 cars were captured on camera violating the rules between 1st to 6th August. As a solution, police will release lists of the traffic law offenders with their car number plates with the help of the speed digital gun to monitor the crimes. Perpetrators will have to pay a cash fine of 100,000 shillings.

According to Olive, the police should have revised the plan for tickets given to traffic law abusers to track the offenders instead of name-shaming them.

“This new plan is a bit double standard. The guys proposing to shame people are the same receiving the most bribes in the country. How can they penalize people for offending the laws, yet they similarly do? Traffic reports come out every single year showing them as the most corrupt,” Olive explained.

However, according to the law, the solution police devised infringes on people's privacy and may not be applicable.

According to Cole a contributor to the show, the traffic police should have been able to integrate the street monitoring system with the National Identification information, including details of the driving license.

“In countries like China and the UAE, they use smart technology to monitor what takes place on the road. Police officers are not required to be on the roads. This system monitors drivers. When they go above the speed limit, no traffic officer will stop them but send you a text message or an email automatically warning you, and you receive a court sermon or fine,” she said.

In his opinion, James Onen, a host of the show thought it would be better if the new regulation was to monitor the actions of public officials in government.

“I wish we could name and shame corrupt officials, wouldn’t that be nice?” he asked.

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