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Olive: The Omoro County By-Election Deserves The Attention Its Being Given

In a bid to fill the vacant Omoro county MP seat following the death of Rt Hon. Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, a number of candidates vying for it, started hitting the streets with their campaign trails on Monday.

But to prevent accusations of police brutality by opposition candidates, the security agency has promised to capture video footage to showcase the conduct of the campaign trails in Omoro sub county by- election as evidence in case of violence.

The Police spokesperson Fred Enanga explained that task teams including CID, Criminal Intelligence personnel, that is to be working closely with the territorial commander of Aswa region were deployed to record videos on the different campaign trails to cover the nature of the campaigns in the by-election.

On The Fatboy Show today, James Onen aka Fatboy asked his Co-host Olive Najjuma if the election required this much attention.

“I think it might deserve this attention and scrutiny because it involves Andrew Ojok Oulanyah, the son of the former Speaker. And some people are like shaa, this office is not hereditary, you can not say that he (Ojok Oulanyah) should inherit the position just because his father previously did,” Olive said.

She added,“The opposition has been really outraged about the whole choosing of Ojok to represent the area, so you never know what could happen, maybe it could be another Arua incident.”

Fatboy reasoned that the public wouldn't be allowed to film the campaigns and elections as it was during the 2021 elections. However, he wondered why it wasn't made transparent by allowing whoever wants to film to do that. Olive replied that there would be claims of vote rigging.

According to Fatboy, the opposition conceded that Jacob Oulanyah was loved among the population of Omoro sub county hence wondering if there was any doubt that his son was more likely to win the election.

But Olive said, “Actually the other winner could be Toolit, he came second in 2016 after Oulanyah and he says that he only decided to get in the race when NRM chose Ojok. He was like there were very many other people NRM could have chosen, from the son of Oulanyah. Yes it is a free country, but I think everyone is doubtful about the outcome because the Speaker and President announced themselves and their support for Ojok.”

Since the death of Jacob Oulanyah, six candidates have come out to contest for the seat including FDC’s Justine Odong Obiya, NUP’s Simon Toolit Akecha, NRM’s Andrew Ojok Oulanyah, ANT’s Oscar Kiiza and Jimmy Walter Onen together with Terrence Odonga that are standing as independent candidates.

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