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Olive Najjuma: Why do we still have curfew in Uganda?

RX Radio Presenter Olive Najjuma has called on government particularly the President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni to lift the night curfew that has been on for more than a year, noting that it is no longer applicable and is only worsening the economic status of Ugandans.

Government imposed a night curfew for all Ugandans in march 2020 after the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic in Uganda alongside a lockdown. The curfew that requires all persons to be home by 9pm has persisted even after the lockdown was lifted and the Covid-19 cases have drastically gone down, a thing that is annoying most Ugandans.

“There is no justification for the continued curfew. Unfortunately, no government official has come out to give a clear explanation why the curfew is still on and why Facebook is till blocked. Parliament and speaker Kadaga have tried but they can only advise and have no powers to effect any orders. I so much believed that after the election, we would go back to our normal lives but that didn’t happen. I am now hoping to see what happens after the swearing in of the president because this is spilling over the brim!” Olive said during Monday’s The Fatboy Show.

Olive added; “The most unfortunate part is that security agents especially the LDU’s are using these orders to kill Ugandans who are caught breaking the curfew laws and the only consolation government gives to Ugandans is that the culprit has been arrested but does that bring back the life that has been lost?”

James Onen aka Fatboy said that its unfortunate that the President of Uganda has given a deaf eye to the suffering of Ugandans.

“Its like he is not bothered, he has kept quiet on these issues despite the noise that media and common Ugandans have made. It is unfortunate Parliament should summon the president and require him to explain the current situation in the country,” he said.

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