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Olive Najjuma to Women: Be cautious when you decide to leave a violent man

RX Radio Presenter Olive Najjuma has advised women to be careful when they decide to leave their partners to avoid being victims of domestic murders.

Olive was referring to a case where the Police in lwengo District arrested a 45 year old primary teacher after recovering bodies of wife and son in a pit-latrine. It is alleged that the suspect, a teacher at kaboyo church of Uganda primary school killed his wife Rose katushabe and their two year old son following long domestic misunderstanding over unknown reasons. It is said that on several occasions, Katushabe had attempted to leave the husband.

“If you want to leave a partner that you have misunderstandings with, just do it. Don’t keep warning them about how you are going to leave them. Some partners that are emotionally unstable may find a drastic way of stopping you from leaving and that may include murdering you,” She said, during Friday’s The Fatboy Show.

Her co-host, James Onen aka Fatboy questioned the essence of love and marriage and wondered how a person you claim to love at one point becomes an enemy the next to an extent that you would consider taking their life!

“Don not put so much focus on a relationship. Have a life of your own so that even when things don’t end well, it does not end in tears. And if you feel very frustrated, seek counselling but do not kill a person because you are frustrated,” he said.

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