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Olive Najjuma: The Health Ministry hasn't marketed the Covid-19 vaccine well enough

RX Radio Presenter Olive Najjuma has criticised government particularly the Ministry of Health for the low turn-ups by Ugandans to take the Covid 19 vaccines.

Olive who took her first Covid 19 shot a few days back said that because of all the negativity that is surrounding the Vaccine, less Ugandans are eager to take the vaccine because from experts' views, it would not even protect one against contracting Covid-19 as they have to continue taking it annually or after every six months at least according to executives from Pfizer pharmaceutical company.

On why she took the vaccine, Olive said; “it’s not because I was fearful but because I don't want to be inconvenienced in case I want to go somewhere and it’s a requirement but also with the hope that being vaccinated may prevent me from infecting any members of my family with Covid 19 since I am the only one who is always going out of the house.”

According to the Ministry of Health, they had so far vaccinated a total of 206,708 persons against the virus that has so far killed 338 Ugandans since March last year when the outbreak was confirmed in the country.

A few days back, the president of Uganda came out and said the government will only considered lifting the ban on bars and the 9pm curfew when about 8m Ugandans are vaccinated.

Olive’s co-host James Onen aka Fatboy noted that the condition that government is putting in place is very unfair and unreasonable as it might take months to reach that number considering how people are reacing to the vaccine.

“We haven’t even vaccinated 300,000 people upto now, what are the chances that this number is going to go up very soon considering all the negativity that we are getting about this vaccine. I see the curfew and the ban on bars going on for another year. This is the fault of government officials who promised that we would go back to our normal lives after the vaccine and yet they now telling us that the vaccine may not protect us, then what’s the point of taking the vaccine,” Fatboy said on Tuesday’s The Fatboy Show.

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