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Olive: Kampala Should Be Locked down

Olive Najjuma, the host of The Fatboy Show, seconded the idea of instituting a lockdown in Kampala to contain the spread of Ebola amidst the increasing number of confirmed cases.

Olive’s proposal follows the Uganda Medical Association’s advice to the government to lockdown Kampala, lest the country will face dire consequences.

The Association’s President, Dr. Samuel Oledo, warned the government that it is sitting on a ticking time bomb because the worst can happen if there is no intervention at this point.

With the same view, the presenter said, “I wouldn’t like another lockdown, but when you compare this disease to Covid 19, it is more lethal.”

“Suppose we get an Ebola case in Owino, Katanga, or any slum area, we may have a calamity on our hands. We feared the same thing for Covid 19, but that was not as lethal as Ebola,” she emphasized.

James Onen, her Co-host, opposed the idea of having another lockdown less than a year after the country’s economy getting re-opened.

“The best way to deal with this is mass education because, to be honest, there hasn’t been enough of it probably because there hasn’t been enough money coming in for Ebola as it was for Covid,” he said.

Olive suggested that government can transfer funds collected during the Covid-19 fight to combat ebola disease.

By yesterday, Ebola cases in greater Kampala had risen to 15 in 48 hours. As per the numbers, Uganda has 90 cumulative ebola cases, 28 active on admission and 28 dead.

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