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Olive: Is It The Fault Of Traffic Police Officers That They Are Corrupt?

The Traffic and Road Safety Directorate announced a new operation for traffic law breakers and vowed to give the express penalty scheme tickets to continuous offenders as well as taking them to court.

Speaking about the development, James Onen, The Fatboy Show host, opined that it will increase corruption in the sector instead of eradicating it.

Olive Najjuma, a co-presenter of the show, questioned whether the numerous corruption cases among traffic police must be blamed on the officers or the road users.

“Is it their fault or it is the road users that enable them? Because you sit in someone’s car and the first thing they do before driving is to check if they have some extra cash. Like they pre-empt the situation before it even happens. So how fair is it to turn around and say they are the most corrupt when you give them those bribes even before they ask for them?” she asked.

Her co-host James Onen, commonly known as Fatboy, undoubtedly agreed with her. He mentioned never being fined for poor driving or getting any tickets. Olive recalled having ridden with him occasionally and commended him for good driving.

She said, “I've sat in your car, and you drive like a darling. Like you have all the time in the world... When we were going to see the President, on the Entebbe express highway, you were driving at 80km/hr or even lower, yet people were just flying by.”

Fatboy confirmed that he is a good driver even when driving on highways. “I am a slow driver even when I’m using the Gulu highway. I remember driving at 120km/hr. Whereas that was too much for me, for many, that is very slow, and no wonder we have so many accidents, we are addicted to speed," he said.

The number of fatalities resulting from road crashes keeps increasing every year. A total of 17,000 were registered in 2021 compared to 12,000 in 2020, whereas at least 4159 people died in crashes last year compared to 3663 registered the year prior.

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